Staying Pretty in Sin City

Vegas, both fun and exciting, is also probably the most physically and mentally draining city in America- not to mention it is like picking up your liver and playing badminton with it.  I have been so lucky to have frequented The City of Sin several times for both work and play.  Work is rather difficult because between the oxygen pumped casinos and hotel rooms to the ding ding dings and festive nightlife- you are lucky to get a good nap in before you have to be up for the next day of work.  Going to Vegas to work seems just silly to me...but if you can squeeze in both party and work time equally you are pretty much a rockstar. In my case I work trade shows.  Giant sausage-fest laden conventions, standing in a busy booth under bad fluorescent lighting in often unattractive attire.  Work all day, then cocktails, then dinner, then club, then dance, then blackjack, then waking up in a strange place that looks nothing like the hotel you checked into.  

 SO!  I like to have my handy Sin City Survival Kit ready to go! 
 You can use all 5 of these items in less than 10 minutes.

*Bottled H20- Like, a gallon a day....the 8 oz. bottles on the sensors on your mini bar for $10 aren't going to cut it.

*Vitamin E face misting spray from Body shop-  Its small, smells pleasant, is an instant moisture mist you can spray right on over your makeup for a nice refresher throughout the day.  Vegas is in the desert. You will be like an old peach if you do not moisturize heavily while you are there....especially if your body is not used to it.

*Emergen-C - These packets of 1000mg of Vitamin C can be found at several drugstores everywhere.  Add it to your bottled water to get a great boost and replace some of those nutrients you killed the night before at the craps table.

*Baby Powder- For your hair because quite frankly when you go to bed at 5AM and have to be up at 6AM to work you will not have time to wash your hair.  If you do not already know the trick, sprinkle a little bit on your scalp and rub it in.  Gets rid of greasy mugs in minutes!  If you have loot, spend the extra dough and buy a fancy dry shampoo (Bumble and Bumble make a great one).  Although I've even used face powder effectively.

*Preparation-H- Yes, people do put this under their eyes to help with the bags.  It reduces swelling.  The cream NOT the gel.  The gel is straight grease and will cause breakouts.  Found this out the hard way at one of my first photoshoots in Atlanta.  (Thanks Natalie)

All of this combined and you will look like this!!
Day 3 of Vegas trade show last week.  

The FDA has not reviewed or approved of any of these statements.  

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