New Yorkify Yourself In Winter

I came to NYC from Myrtle Beach, SC.  Where boob jobs, spray tans, fake nails and bare legs are abundant.  I'll never forget the first month moving here when I had girlfriends in town and we wanted to have a girl's night out!

It was December and about thirty degrees out.  
We wore....dresses, spray tan, open toed heels and cleavage.

At every stop on our escapade to the clubs.  
People were stopping us left and right..."Where are you from!?" 
I would exclaim, "I live HERE, asshole!"
They would say, "Uhhh, no you dont."

I did not comprehend this, how could this be?  I am a NEW YORKER dammit! 

Fast forward to now.... 2 Years later and I get it.  

Here are a few things you can do to New Yorkify yourself:

-Rock the vampire look. 
 Tans are not cool in NYC.  (Which saves me money and wrinkles, score!)
-Lose the stilettos. 
 You walk a lot, and can always spot tourists on the cobble stones of Meatpacking, for they drop like flies.
-$10 Manicure.  
Fake nails are rare...and manicures are cheap!  Short, natural nails are in.  
-Cover those pasty legs
  Unless it is Summer, tights and leggings are the way to go! And you will not have to shave as much, yessss.
-Dark colors. 
 Its a sea of gray and black and neutral shades at the club.  I guess NYC just generally looks "cooler" in the Wintertime.
-Get a good coat and boots. 
Comfort and warmth look better than a frozen barbie.  
-Schlep Bag. 
Girls are carrying around those big ol' black purses for a reason.
-Less Makeup
 If you paint on your face (I love to do occasionally) you will stick out.
-Less drastic hair. 
 "Not too blonde" (as agents have told me)  Not too much pouf or product!
-Less Cleav. 
 Put the Miracle Bra away for South Beach.  
-Get a job! 

New York

Recurring themes?  Natural. Warm. Ninjalike?