Brighten your grill on the go.....

Spot a hottie across the bar?  Been drinking merlot for the last hour?  (5 hours if you are me)  Fear not for there is a nifty little product that will brighten your red wine stained smile in about 60 seconds.

Touch Up, by GO SMILE
These fantastic little ampules come in convenient travel packs (I keep them in my purse) holding 7 of the little grill sparkling tubes that you "Flip, Pop, Touch Up" when you need it.  The end of the mini tube has a polisher on it so you can scrub, whiten and freshen.
CAUTION:  Do not do this directly at the bar.  Although you could, because I have, but my friends pretended they did not know me.

For just $10 you can get this mini pack that could get you through at least a week of happy hour and speed dating events.  Oh!  Did I mention they come in fantabulous flavors such as Watermelon Mint and Green Apple?  Skip the cheese fries, this could be like a meal and appearance-improver all in one!

You can buy these bad boys at Sephora and other beauty related stores!

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