Make Me Glow

Whenever I see celebrities on the red carpet they always appear so healthy, radiant and glowing.  Yet you know they don't get any sleep.  When I see tabloid photos of them strolling in central park or picking their nose (I love you Britney) they look much more relatable.  Makeup is a wonderful thing.

J Lo has two kinds of Glow.  

Achieve the glow without being pregnant, ovulating, or in love.
  (Why do people say that anyway?) 

 Now this gleaming attribute is all packaged nicely in a cosmetic form.  These nifty complexion enhancers are called illuminators, or highlighters.  They have light reflecting properties that when applied to the cheekbones and areas of the face you want to highlight, producing a gorgeous radiance.

One of my favorites is made by Arbonne, called Sheer Glow Highlighter.

You can get your Arbonne cosmetics, skincare and more at www.arbonne.com

Arbonne products are great because they are all vegan certified, using no animal or animal by-products.  They are made with botanical ingredients and quality reigns supreme.  So even though this bad boy is $40, a tiny bit goes a long way.  
According to Arbonne's Linda Feldbrugge, "Remember less is more with Arbonne. We want your skin to do what it should be doing naturally."