The only problem with happy hour is that when you leave the bar, stores are still open and ready for your lowered inhibitions.  This oftentimes leads to drunken shopping, coming home with the most absurd items I would never buy sober.  
The other day, I stumbled out of Calle Ocho on the upper west side and into....a fantastical store called LUSH.  Whether it was the appropriate store name or the candy-like product stacked high with all of the colors of the rainbow, something drew me in.  I blah-blahd with the sales lady and pretended to listen to her, squinting so she didn't have two heads.  I know she said something about "soft" and "smells amaaaaaazing," so I bought this:

and one of these:

Hours later after the mojitos wore off, I found them perfectly wrapped in their recycled paper bags and decided to give em a go.  The mushroom is for the bath.  Its good for 2 baths, so you have to cut or break in half.  Yes, it made me soft and it smells like strawberry shortcake.  Most importantly, it gave the bath a gorgeous pink foam with sparkles, and I felt like I was swimming in a bowl of sherbet punch.

Being a big self tanner fan, these sugar scrub blocks are AWESOME to use pre tan.  You can give yourself an entire new silky glow after scrubbing down with one of these in the shower.  My skin was softer than after my drunken korea town spa exfoliation escapade. (Will share at a later date)

This was one of the best buzzed purchases I had ever made!

After loving the product and researching further, I found this out:
Lush is all organic, using no animal products (Im a big fan of that)
All of their products are hand made
They are SUPER eco friendly, which explains why you cut your soap here like fruitcake and buy it by  the pound.  No packaging=less trash.


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