Summer Hair: What's Hot According to David Harrington

Hair Trends.
Some of my personal favorites:

1992 Yearbook.  Big Hair=Cool.

My Turner Classics Debut

Curious about this season's fresh hair trends, I tracked down David Harrington, a stylist out of Cali to get the scoop on whats HOT for this Spring and Summer.

According to Mr. Harrington:
"Scarfs in the hair . I think that a casual weekend look, or on the beach you can have a fabulous look using silk scarfs. I like to use them in many ways intertwining in the hair like in a soft braid or pulling your hair into a twist and rapping the scarf around . Dress it up or down, day or night . It's your call, I love the summer look ."
No Pants Richie Rocks The Scarf Often

In regards to hair color

"Highlights for the summer I feel are going to be much more natural using coppers and gold together . I love warm blondes in the summer ."

Top 3 Summer Must-Haves according to David:
1: Davines has a wonderful line that he truly loves:
 It is the Authentic Formulas , having the highest percentage of naturally derived ingredients possible . This product is so fab David recommends using int on your face and body as well! 

 2: A good sculpting lotion.  
Great for that "wet look" on a beautiful girl laying around the beach or pool. 

         3: A Boar bristle brush . 
Harrington loves to use them on all hair types because they give so much shine . If your into round brushing this is a must have item!

David freelances out of LA and San Francisco. 


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