5 Ways To Prevent Breakouts Naturally

If you are wondering why the f*#& you are having zits and you are past your teenage years, you are not alone.  Mine like to  pop in and say hi the day of an important shoot or hot date.  Its only natural to have gorgeous glowing skin on a rainy cold Tuesday where I am sitting at home with nowhere to be organizing my shoes and watching Dr. Oz.  That's how it always works.

Rather than treat and cover the problem.  Lets try a few tips and tricks to aid in PREVENTION!  Just like pregnancy.

1.)  Change your pillowcases often - Bacteria and drool and leftover makeup from a dizzy night will be stuck to your face for several hours.  Your face's bed should be clean and fresh!

2.) Clean Your Cellie- Your face makes constant contact with this..... So does your hands that just touched the men's urinal at that dive bar because the ladies line was too long. Antibacterial wipes are super handy for your hand-held phones!

3.) Stop Touching Your Face- Have you seen Contagion?

4.) Watch Your Diet- Greasy foods lead to a greasy face.  Things like red meat and dairy should be kept at a minimum, as these foods are harder to digest and can also contain hormones.  Eat more vegetables and fruit, as well as nuts.  Nuts are GREAT for your face. (:  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Water is the key to life.  Dead, dry skin has more ability to clog pores.  H2O can also flush out toxins!

5.) Hit the Gym- (but shower after!)  Your skin is your largest organ.  Exercise is good all around and as long as you drink a lot of water and wash off the sweat after, effects will be great on the skin.  And your butt.

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